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Follow the iPhone 12 Pro Max on a rugged Lost Coast photography adventure

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California's Lost Coast is a world of its own at the edge of the continent. Located in Humboldt County, in the far northern part of the state, this remote stretch of pristine coastline sits atop the backpacking trip bucket list. With few towns or major roads, it's best explored via the 25-mile Lost Coast Trail - that winds along black sand beaches and rocky shores.
A few weeks ago, I took the iPhone 12 Pro on location to the high Sierra - /news/heres-what-apple-iphone-12-pro-cameras-can-do-incredible-night-mode-photos-and-more/ , visiting Lake Tahoe for a wondrous 24 hours to test its camera. The results were excellent, and now Apple's adding even more camera punch with the iPhone 12 Pro Max - /news/iphone-12-review-pro-max-big-phone-big-battery-big-screen/ . As it goes on sale Friday, let's take a look at Apple's latest photographic monster that's definitely made for photographers.

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We went off the grid in the Lost Coast for a few days, exploring the beauty of this isolated coastal wilderness. For this trip, I left my bulky Canon 5D Mark III and array of lenses at home and brought only the  iPhone 12 Pro Max - /news/iphone-12-review-pro-max-big-phone-big-battery-big-screen/ . While it's still no replacement for my usual gear, the phone was a worthy companion along this incredible stretch of wilderness.
Enlarge Image -
An image taken on the iPhone 12 Pro Max with the Telephoto lens.

James Martin/CNET

Most of the time, the Lost Coast Trail isn't really a trail at all. For miles we scramble along rocks at the water's edge with waves crashing at our feet. Along vast stretches along the trail, it's completely impossible to pass through at high tide. The terrain is challenging. The weather is highly unpredictable. This is the Lost Coast.
Enlarge Image -
Mountains reach the sea at the black sand beaches on the remote Lost Coast.

James Martin/CNET

Jagged, steep cliffs rise straight from the rocky shores of the Pacific Ocean to elevations of more than 4,000 feet just a few miles inland into the King Range National Conservation Area. 
Enlarge Image -
Along the rugged Lost Coast Trail, every step is a challenge - .

James Martin/CNET

During periods of low tide, there are opportunities to get down to the hard packed sand near and explore tide pools with kelp, sea anemones and fish. 
Enlarge Image -
Kelp in the Pacific tide pools along the Lost Coast Trail in Mendocino County, California.

James Martin/CNET

Check out the detail the camera captured in both the sand and star-shaped echinoderm.
Enlarge Image -
A starfish in the sand along the Lost Coast trail, shot on the iPhone 12 Pro Max with the wide lens.

James Martin/CNET

As we entered the first impassable tidal zone, we had a few miles of beach hiking and scrambling over rocks before we made it to the first night's camp at Randall Creek. 
Enlarge Image -
The rugged hiking conditions along the rocky shore of the Lost Coast Trail.

James Martin/CNET

There are no roads, no people and no cell phone service out here. Except for a few remote, off-the-grid cabins and the Punta Gorda lighthouse, there's just mountains falling sharply into a sea of cold, chaotic waves. 

Once you leave the impassable high tide zone, you quickly find yourself in four miles of open meadows and grassy bluffs.
Enlarge Image -
The abandoned Punta Gorda Lighthouse was built in 1910 with materials delivered via a high line cable coming down the mountains to the shore.

James Martin/CNET

Massive pieces of driftwood washed ashore by strong winds and crushing waves pepper Mattole Beach as the sun sets. The Lost Coast is a perfect place to go for dark skies and empty beaches. The feeling of quiet and seclusion will make you feel like you're cut off from the rest of the world.  
Enlarge Image -
Driftwood along Mattole Beach.

James Martin/CNET

Low light at night 
Photography is all about light. Images are made by capturing the different amounts of light reflected from the various parts of a scene. Dark objects absorb more of the available light and reflect less back into the camera, while bright objects reflect more light to the sensor. Getting great photos when there isn't much light available is a challenge for any camera.
Enlarge Image -
A hand held night time photo, taken without Night Mode, shows the incredible detail of which the iPhone 12 Pro Max is capable.

James Martin/CNET

The iPhone's Night Mode allows you to take low-light photos without a tripod, creating sharper images with finer details and limited noise, all without using the camera flash, which is never a subtle light source. 

With just the light from our headlamps and the glow of the sky after sunset, there was just enough light for the iPhone 12 Pro Max to capture great photos.
Enlarge Image -
Another hand held non-Night Mode image taken with the iPhone 12 Pro Max wide lens.

James Martin/CNET

It was difficult to stand still for this 30-second exposure, which caused some blur, but it was worth it to capture the stars in the sky, the tent and even the beam of light shining into the sky from the headlamp. 
Enlarge Image -
The starry sky and remote camp along California's Lost Coast.

James Martin/CNET

In this handheld image taken with the ultrawide lens after sunset, there's still some beautiful detail evident in the ocean and the waves crashing on the rocky shoreline with relatively low noise. 
Enlarge Image -
A non-Night Mode image from the iPhone 12 Pro Max ultrawide lens shows very good detail and of the waves in the very low light after sunset.

James Martin/CNET

Due to the tide schedule, we were forced to hike more than four miles of the Lost Coast Trail at night. Here, we follow the trail up and over an impassable section after sunset. This Night Mode image was taken without a tripod on the 5.1mm wide lens while the two hikers were moving.
Enlarge Image -
Night hiking, taken with a hand held three-second Night Mode exposure while the hikers are moving.

James Martin/CNET

We took a break during the four-mile night passage through the usually impassable tidal zone on the narrow rocky shore. Even with a single small light source, the camera renders some great textures in the rocks in the foreground and with realistic colors throughout.
Enlarge Image -
A wide lens nighttime image lit only by a headlamp.

James Martin/CNET

Wide gets even better on Pro Max
The wide lens on the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera gets an additional boost over to the iPhone 12 Pro. The main camera has a 47% larger sensor and larger pixels, along with a faster 1.6 aperture. That should translate to a combined 87% improvement in low light performance -- a noticeable difference. More light should mean more detail and better color in your photos.

Nothing but the Pacific Ocean for thousands of miles.

James Martin/CNET

You can see the wide range of tonal detail in the image below. From the bright morning sun in the sky to the sand and the waves, the image contains many tones, all showing much detail.

Take a look specifically at the sand from its highlights on the left as it moves toward the ocean. There's some very crisp detail here. Even the waves in the foreground and background are crisp and richly detailed.
Enlarge Image -
Crisp detail in the sand and crashing waves, from the foreground to the background.

James Martin/CNET

Another noticeable difference with the Pro Max is the bokeh throughout the images -- the selective focus that keeps the subject sharp while blurring out the background of the image.  
Enlarge Image -
The blurred foreground of the larger sensor on the wide lens and deep detail in the distance.

James Martin/CNET

This sensor size (when all other things are equal) is What Is Near Me - dictates the amount of area in focus, as well as the size of the bokeh in the out-of-focus area. In other words, the bigger the sensor, the more bokeh you get with faster lenses. 

The effect is noticeable in just about every image. It adds a certain professional level aesthetic to photos that have miraculously been shot on a phone. In this image to the right, I moved close to the foreground rocks, and chose the focus point to be in the distance.

Larger camera sensors also capture more data. That means you get images with more light, more detail, less noise and more of that beautiful blur. 

What's more, the wide lens on the 12 Pro Max has bigger pixels -- 1.7um versus 1.4um on the iPhone 12 Pro. These bigger pixels on the wide camera help reveal intricate patterns, subtle textures and incredible detail, from the foreground to the middle of the image and the distant coast.

Take a look at the patterns on the abalone shell to the right, the stunning array of glimmering colors and the fine details visible in the surrounding rocks.
Enlarge Image -
The stunning array of glimmering colors of an abalone shell along the beach.

James Martin/CNET

You can see the narrow focal plane and crisp textures and details of the image below due to the larger sensor on the wide lens.
Enlarge Image -
Kelp in the sand at Mattole Beach.

James Martin/CNET

The wide lens delivers the rich texture and detail of the sea foam and Pacific Ocean waves crashing on the rocky shore.
Enlarge Image -
Waves crash on the rocky shore along the Lost Coast Trail in northern California.

James Martin/CNET

Enlarge Image -
Look back along the rugged shoreline of the Lost Coast Trail shot with the wide lens of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

James Martin/CNET

Zoom, zoom, zoom
The iPhone 12 Pro Max's telephoto camera has a 65mm equivalent lens versus a 52mm on the iPhone 12 Pro, meaning it has 2.5x optical zoom instead of 2x. That gives the cameras a range of 13mm to 65mm. While it's nowhere near the capabilities of some Samsung camera phones like the Galaxy S20 Ultra - /reviews/samsung-galaxy-s20-ultra-5g-review/ , it's the biggest zoom on an iPhone yet.

These sweeping coastal vistas are great for wide-angle images, and the 2.5x zoom on the iPhone 12 Pro Max is able to highlight more specific detail of the environment along the way.
Enlarge Image -
Triumphantly crossing through Split Rock at Black Sands Beach at the end of the northernmost section of the Lost Coast Trail. 

James Martin/CNET

Dedicated photographers know how important a camera lens can be, and think nothing of spending $1,000 or more on a quality lens. That's why given the camera improvements and the 65mm-equivalent lens the iPhone 12 Pro Max brings, it's worth spending an extra $100 over the iPhone 12 Pro. (Starting prices for the phones are $1,099 and $999, respectively.)

The additional zoom gets you just a bit closer and lets you see all that close-up detail without being right next to your subject. 
Enlarge Image -
Elephant Seals along the beach near some rusted debris of a shipwreck.

James Martin/CNET

Elephant seals were often lounging along the beach adjacent to the Punta Gorda Lighthouse. The massive animals can weigh up to 4,500 pounds, but they can move quickly if provoked. A sign at the trailhead warns against taking selfies with the animals. We were sure to give them plenty of space but used the Telephoto lens to get some great close up photos.
Enlarge Image -
A 5X zoom image taken with the iPhone 12 Pro Max Telephoto lens.

James Martin/CNET

The Telephoto lens captured this bird in flight while showing the rich textures of its feathers.
Enlarge Image -
A bird in flight using the Telephoto lens on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

James Martin/CNET

The Telephoto lens let me capture some distant details that might have been unnoticeable otherwise. Even in the distant rocky point, we can see detail in the rocks and trees.
Enlarge Image -
A surfer hikes out toward Big Flat Creek with his board on his back.

James Martin/CNET

While the new 65mm Telephoto camera doesn't compare to a classic DSLR portrait lens like Canon's 70-200mm, it does let you zoom in tighter on portraits, and it feels more like a classic portrait focal length than you might expect from a phone.
Enlarge Image -
Paul gives his feet a rest along the Lost Coast Trail.

James Martin/CNET

The Smart HDR & Deep Fusion combo

Apple's new Smart HDR 3 and Deep Fusion processing technology, which are on all three rear cameras and the front-facing camera on the iPhone 12 Pro and the Pro Max, are a significant part of Apple's camera success puzzle. 

Deep Fusion's advanced  machine learning -  enables some pretty noticeable pixel-by-pixel manipulation of photos. In the below Portrait Mode selfie taken with the front-facing camera, you can see some incredible ultra-fine detail and significant noise reduction. Even the texture in the backpack straps is visible, as well as details as small as the fibers in my bandana.
Enlarge Image -
A Portrait Mode selfie with the front-facing camera on iPhone 12 Pro Max.

James Martin/CNET

You can really see below how the pixel by pixel processing of Deep Fusion and Smart HDR brings out details across the array of tones in the images. Smart HDR 3 helps to bring out the bright setting sun here and the shadow detail in the foreground rocks and the birds. Even the sea spray from the crashing waves is crisp with fine, rich details.
Enlarge Image -
Sunset along the coast, shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max with the Telephoto lens.

James Martin/CNET

Even at midday, you can see detail in Paul's face as he looks out over the Pacific Ocean in the image below. The shadows have a gradient that graduates from brighter blacks in the sunlight, all the way to a true black point, with details and textures throughout.  

In this image you can see the detail is preserved in the background with a wide tonal range and detail in the waves and a well-exposed blue sky with rich color.
Enlarge Image -
Paul looks out over the Pacific Ocean from a bluff along the Lost Coast Trail in Humboldt County.

James Martin/CNET

In this photo, Smart HDR 3 gives a true-to-life white balance in beautiful light at sunset. The sea foam is crisp and rich in detail from the foreground back to the crashing waves.
Enlarge Image -
The tide rolls in at Mattole Beach along the Lost Coast. Shot on the iPhone 12 Pro Max with the ultrawide lens.

James Martin/CNET

Waiting for ProRAW 
The iPhone 12 Pro Max is a camera ready for any photography adventure. The ability to have such a compact and capable camera in a remote wilderness like the Lost Coast was a huge benefit. With Apple's ProRAW file format coming later this year, we're sure to see the juiced-up benefits of the hardware/software combo paired with more powerful post-processing abilities.

I wished I had taken my DSLR with me only a few times. I particularly missed my 100-400mm zoom lens and the ability to get really great dark sky star photos, but I didn't regret not having to lug it along with me.

Once again, the cameras on this iPhone feel more like the sum of many interlocking parts and a step closer to feeling comfortable without my DSLR. 

Want to learn more? Compare cameras, performance, battery life and more between Apple's newest Pro phones and last year's models: the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, and the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max - /news/iphone-12-pro-and-pro-max-vs-iphone-11-pro-and-pro-max-apple-specs-and-features/ .

The Lost Coast is otherworldly with iPhone 12 Pro Max.

James Martin/CNET

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Quite it often becomes to some degree difficult to remain sitting along with erect posture and our bodies tends to bend down for an adjustment or resting. You do not become responsive to this difference in posture a person are a lot absorbed inside your work.

Another old standby for strengthening the abs for you to lie on your back with the feet together and slowly improve your legs up and running about 6 inches. Hold for 15 to a short period then repeat and raise your legs this time around. Do as many "reps" since you can easily. You will see rapid improvement in your abdominal muscles as well as a greatly improved posture.


Treat Marijuana Addiction - Options A Person First Stop Smoking Weed

If own already tried to quit smoking weed earlier and tend to be unsuccessful, you're not alone. If you are wary attempting yet another program, then check the customer testimonials from Cannabis Coach. The testimonials are full spectrum cbd gummies with thc uk - of individuals who are exactly who have managed stop smoking weed by using Cannabis Teacher.

24. A person routinely use cannabis? Yes = minus 4. No = three. FACT: Scientific studies propose that frequent cannabis use enhances the risk of physical and mental disorders-such as lung and heart related illnesses and psychosis-by as almost as much as 150 portion.

Chiropractor - This an additional great solution that can help you out, cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety uk - best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress uk - but often you would like a lot of cash and promoted isn't a lasting solution. You will likely have to goto a chiropractor best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress uk - for the rest of your life.

If you stay in Amsterdam do 't be surprised you stop at the coffee shop and consumers are smoking cannabis. People usually are smoking cannabis in the coffee shop are not served. There aren't any smoking designated areas that you will be served individuals drink beverages.

If you're looking for something a quite different you will probably want to book the A-Train Hotel. Your hotel room will are supported by the look and cbd gummies uk 1000mg - cbd gummies - strong uk feel to be on a train. You'll be in cardiovascular system of the city so walking to sightsee effortless. If you enjoy going to your museums, internal revenue service plenty obtainable as many over fifty museums in Amsterdam. most popular museums become the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and the Van Gogh Museum.

Your dealer is not your friend You know that creepy guy who has been getting 20% of your earnings best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress uk - there are decade.Yes him - correct he is not your lifetime friend. He'll want to shield his income so transform your number and lose his own.

When you remain in Amsterdam make sure you take some shopping at The Nine Neighborhoods. You will find designer clothing, art, second hand clothes and a few unique products.


Shares in Austrian bank BAWAG slide as earnings miss consensus

VIENNA, Oct 27 (Reuters) - Shares in Austrian bank BAWAG Group slid more than 6% on Tuesday after its quarterly net profit fell short of forecasts, dented by larger risk provisions that it said were part of a "cautious and conservative" approach. Third-quarter net profit at BAWAG, which unlike many Austrian peers focuses on developed markets like Germany and du lịch ba li Switzerland rather than eastern Europe, reached 78.8 million euros ($93.1 million). That was down 37% year-on-year and fell short of analysts' average forecast of 86.5 million, Refinitiv Eikon data showed. Its risk costs, which include provisions and du lịch ba li impairment losses, increased by 33% from the previous quarter to 50 million euros, under a conservative approach that assumes euro area gross domestic product will drop 12.6% this year in line with the European Central Bank's 'severe' scenario from June website The ECB already revised that figure to 10% in September website "Given the overall economic uncertainty and potentially longer-lasting impact of COVID-19, we continue to remain cautious and prudent in our provisioning," BAWAG Chief Executive Anas Abuzaakouk said in a statement. "While the economy recovered in the third quarter, there is still a great deal of uncertainty on how the situation will develop over the coming months." Credit Suisse analysts said in a research note: "This remains one of the most conservative GDP assumptions in our overall coverage universe, and is well below consensus." At 1235 GMT, BAWAG's shares were down 6.6% at 31.94 euros. The company adjusted part of its outlook upwards, predicting net interest income would rise by up to 4% this year versus up to 3% forecast in July.

In the first three quarters it rose 4.2%. BAWAG also said it expected core revenue - net interest income and net fee and commission income - to remain stable in the fourth quarter. "Probably it's rather conservative," Chief Financial Officer Enver Sirucic told an analyst call when asked about that outlook.

($1 = 0.8461 euros) (Reporting by Francois Murphy; Additional reporting by Tapanjana Rudra in Bangalore; Editing by Jan Harvey)



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